As LilaMare family, we set out under the name Kimonostore in 2020 to produce kimonos that raise our energy and give us happiness. We have presented the kimonos produced with care and love to our customers at home and abroad through various social media platforms. Our products, which attracted much more attention than we expected, turned our dream of reaching our customers through a more corporate structure with a brand into reality.


Here is our LilaMare's birth story.


This adventure we started by producing kimonos from the most beautiful and highest quality fabrics of the world and Turkey;  pareo, dress and sea clothes are added to the growth day by day. 


Lila Mare, one of the brands with the largest variety of kimono; it offers you both comfort and elegance. You will not be able to take your eyes off our collections of fabrics reflecting all the beauties of nature. You will feel great in the kimonos we have designed from luxurious laces, unique embroideries and scalloped fabrics.

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